Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Reasons to stay in Bloomington during Spring Break

1) Track is open for 8 hours a day!!
Because of the limited track times, many riders miss the chance to ride on the
track due to class, work, and etc. With the extended track times, we will be able
to spend lots of time on the track!

2) We can have unlimited number of
riders! Usually, we are only allowed to have two riders at a time on the track (except
Laura Bliss, who is on Riders Council). We will have an opportunity to ride in
a pace line as a team, and avoid trainers/rollers while waiting for turns.

3) Exchanges, exchanges, exchanges! The
Qualification is the Saturday after spring break, and being able to practice exchanges
on the cinder track is a huge advantage.

4) Save money and save time! We won’t
have to drive 10+ hours back and forth with $4/gallon gas price. Plus,
Bloomington has been warm enough that there is no reason to travel for warm

5) Bike tan lines which are 100 times
cooler than swimsuit tan lines.

6) Bloomington is awesome when everyone gone! No
traffic, no crowded restaurants, and etc.

7) No extra 5 pounds from excessive
drinking for a week!

Please add to the list, this is all I can think of right now!

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