Thursday, March 15, 2012

Quarries Ride!

This week we've been so busy riding our bikes we've forgotten to blog! So coming up will be some updates on the rides we've gone on and the tan-lines we've developed!!

On Monday morning, Helen, Mary, and myself decided to go on a nice road ride toward the quarries south of town. First, we headed past Bloomington South High School and out Fairfax Road. We rode to the back of a neighborhood and parked our bikes at the edge of the woods. With Helen as our tour-guide/camp counselor we took a quick hike to the quarries that starred in the film Breaking Away. The day was beautiful and there were few clouds in the sky, so resting on the rocks overlooking the quarries was both relaxing and breathtaking.

After taking in the quarries for a while and thinking that this would be a lovely place to have a picnic at, we decided to head back out for the road. Heading out further toward Lake Monroe we came upon Ned's Sculptures (more details about Ned's fabulous art here) a lot filled with many colorful fiberglass animals. Of course we had to stop and take some pictures! Mary posed with the gorilla, Helen found a nice giraffe to hide under, and I posed with a lovely elephant. Ned offered to sell us some animals, but unfortunately we hadn't brought our bike trailers and could not tow any back :(

Jumping back on our bikes we finished our outward journey to Lake Monroe and took in the calm of this beautiful spring day at the lake. Anyone who has been out to the Fairfax State Recreation Area knows that heading into Lake Monroe is a pleasant descent, but heading away from the lake is a steady climb. While the climb wasn't fun, it was made easier by the rest we had just had and we all successfully made it back to the main part of Fairfax Road. The rolling hills we encountered the rest of the way back, with temperatures climbing into the mid-70s completed a perfect Spring Break day in Bloomington!

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