Sunday, April 3, 2011


A normal night for me is filled with tossing and turning. When I begin to get sleepy, I wash my face and brush my teeth, slip on size-large men's basketball shorts and a baggy tshirt, and organize everything I'll need in the morning.

I then lay in bed, watching Days of Our Lives on Hulu and documentaries on Netflix. After a good 3 hours of not falling asleep, I slowly drift into a state of relaxing until my alarm goes off.

This past week RideOn participated in Individual Time Trials on Wednesday.

On Saturday, we were up by 6:30 to act as pace car for the IU Mini Marathon, and then lounged around until noon for our second Spring Series Event of the week, Miss N Out.

Speaking for the team, we are exhausted.

Last night I fell asleep six minutes into the latest episode of Days of Our Lives.

Thank you, Little 500, for bringing hours of sleep into my life.

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