Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thirsty Thursday

We gazed out across the surrounding trees and rocks. No urban life could be seen or heard. Only minutes from the city of Bloomington, the four of us stood transfixed by the beauty Indiana hides within its muddy woods and ever-going hills.

We had accomplished our mission: see Rooftop Quarry, the quarry made famous by the movie Breaking Away.

On Thursday morning, Megan, Laura and I followed Helen south of Bloomington to find the quarries. Helen, a townie herself, had been to the quarry before and vaguely remembered the paths. Danielle's knee had been hurting from her injury last year, and she opted out of this ride.

After a steadily uphill ride, we rode into a neighborhood and stashed our bikes at the end of a dead-end rode. Trudging into the woods, we found the quarries.

Megan immediately exclaimed, "That's the rock they jump from in the movie."

She called her parents to tell them the news.

Laura began planning good angles for photos.

Helen stared in her humble way.

And I sent a picture text to my parents:
breaking away :)

The view easily made Thursday's ride the best of the week and topped any alternative spring break plans we chose not to participate in.

We were looking at a piece of a legend. Rooftop Quarry plays a role in the lives of Bloomington daredevil-ish kids. Teens skip classes to hang out and jump from the tallest rocks into the green, garbage-filled water. The quarry shows the relation between townies and IU college students in the movie Breaking Away. Its personality weaves in and out of Little 500 history.

There we stood, becoming links in this history.

Immersed in the culture, I realized I am part of Little 500.
Ride On is a new piece of this legend.


Anonymous said...

I would like to say that if you were all guys, it would look like you were taking a piss break. just saying. someone may start to wonder...

-One of the coaches

Danielle said...

That's what I thought it was when they showed me the picture...I was glad I missed the piss trip.

Anonymous said...

You guys should have jumped in the water while you were there.