Monday, March 28, 2011

Individual Time Trials on Wednesday!

Hey Fans!

Thanks for all the amazing support you gave us on Saturday. Thanks to you all we are in the top half of the race. We will have a pit in turn 3 (the turn on the back stretch closet to the entrance) and our jerseys are yellow and orange (easy to spot).

This Wednesday is Individual Time Trials! This is a four lap individual time trial. It begins from a standing start with one rider in each turn. All the women vets, rookies and alternates compete to determine the fastest women in the Little 500. All 6 of our riders will be participating!

6:05 p.m. Danielle Thoe
6:35 Morgan Smith
6:55 Helen Han
7:05 Kelsey Holder
10:25 Laura Bliss
10:45 Megan Caldwell

Also the Alumni Association took some great pictures of us in our kits last week that you can see above. Again we want to thank the Indiana University Alumni Association and Student Alumni Association for all their support. We promise to make you proud on race day and as Alumni!

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